3 November 2023

The Triumph at Paris Trade Show


The exposure gained at the Paris Trade Show has led to tangible business success for PINTU Incubator and its participants. Apa Kabar, participating for only the second time, acquired orders on the spot, a significant achievement. Typically, it takes multiple interactions for buyers to establish trust, making this accomplishment even more impressive. Fuguku and Bertjorak, brands under PINTU Incubator, also experienced immediate positive outcomes with substantial leads from reputable retailers.

The exposure gained by PINTU Incubator and its participants at the Paris Trade Show has translated into tangible business success. One of the standout achievements is the direct acquisition of orders by Apa Kabar, signaling a significant leap in their business endeavors. What makes this accomplishment particularly noteworthy is that it's only the second time Apa Kabar has participated in such an event.

Typically, according to industry experts, it takes about four to five interactions for buyers to establish trust and proceed with placing orders. The fact that Apa Kabar secured orders "On The Spot" during its second participation is a testament to the effectiveness and impact of the PINTU Incubator program.

The ability to secure orders on the spot is a remarkable achievement, especially in an industry where trust and credibility play pivotal roles. Apa Kabar's success indicates the effectiveness of the PINTU Incubator program in preparing its participants for real-world business scenarios.

Furthermore, the acquisition of numerous business leads by Fuguku and Bertjorak reinforces the notion that the Paris Trade Show was not merely an exhibition but a strategic platform for networking and business development. Fuguku and Bertjorak, two of the brands under the PINTU Incubator umbrella, experienced immediate and favorable outcomes. Both brands not only garnered substantial leads but, notably, these leads came from reputable retailers, adding a layer of distinction to their business prospects. These leads, sourced from leading retailers, open up avenues for collaboration and market expansion for the participating brands.

This immediate success speaks volumes about the quality and potential of the brands incubated under PINTU Incubator. The program not only equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed in the fashion industry but also strategically positions them to attract attention from major players in the retail sector.

The conventional wisdom in the fashion industry suggests that building trust with buyers is a gradual process. However, PINTU Incubator has defied this norm by providing an environment where participants can showcase their potential and establish credibility at an accelerated pace. The success stories emerging from the Paris Trade Show underscore the value of programs like PINTU Incubator in nurturing emerging talents. It's not just about creating designers; it's about building successful and sustainable fashion businesses.

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