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PINTU Indonesian-French Fashion Incubator is a bilateral program, designed for Indonesian and French creatives and SMEs in the fashion business.Its goal is to prepare talent for international exposure, with a strong focus on sustainability and traditional know-how. It is meant to create a more creative and positive impacting landscape for both the fashion industry and consumers, through the creation of projects that preserve the culture of exquisite craftsmanship and traditional know-how both in Indonesia and France, to be more visible and recognized.

At the core of PINTU is the partnership between Indonesian fashion industry champion JF3, the fashion ecosystem LAKON Indonesia and the French Embassy in Indonesia and Institut français d’Indonésie (IFI). The partners have in common the willingness to encourage the emergence of new design talents in Indonesia and France, preserving culture through fashion by nurturing and elevating traditional craftsmanship and catalyze economic development and co-creation opportunities in the long term, in Indonesia, in France and on the international market.

In collaboration with various organizations, including the Prestigious Duperré School in Paris, les Ateliers de Paris, les Ateliers Alix, Institut français in Paris, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, SMESCO Indonesia, Fashion School LPTB Susan Budihardjo, Media Group Network, Pradita University, ESMOD Jakarta, Leboye, Dia.Lo.Gue, and Growpreneur, these partnerships aim to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, foster business knowledge, and create a dynamic environment for growth.


Our Vision

Through the innovative alliance of resources and talents available both in France and in Indonesia, the PINTU program supports the emergence of committed projects and brands and promotes an economy with a positive impact in both countries: innovation and hybridization of know-how, intercultural inspiration, responsible fashion, new uses and new materials, local manufacturing, new economic models.

Our Missions

To grow and structure French and Indonesian promising talents in the field of fashion design and craftsmanship, and make them sustainable and integrated brands on the international market. The PINTU program is designed to help achieve demanding levels of creativity, productivity and visibility through training and bilateral exchanges provided by experienced professionals in both countries.

Committee - Partners

The Board Committee is headed by:
Thresia Mareta, Founder of Lakon Indonesia, Soegianto Nagaria, Chairman of JF3 and Charlotte Esnou, cultural attaché at the French Embassy in Indonesia and director of Institut français d’Indonésie in Jakarta.









Lakon is an ecosystem that was formed with its main mission being to develop solid businesses for the many talented craftspeople and their incredible know-how. The fashion brand has put its business expertise at the core of its eorts to create new and fresh designs using the many techniques found in Indonesia.

The rich heritage of weaving and batik is not only maintained but the artisans are supported and educated in the ever-changing fashion landscape so as to develop sustained businesses. Through this support, the know-how is no longer in danger of disappearing, and the craft remains desirable to design talent and the fashion industry.

Through this support, the know-how is no longer in danger of disappearing, and the craft remains desirable to design talent and the fashion industry.

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Pioneering Indonesia's fashion landscape since 2004, JF3 stands as the nation's premier annual fashion festival. Spearheaded by Summarecon and endorsed by governmental and industry players, this event marks the apex of influence, consistency, and scale in Indonesia. JF3 has engaged hundreds of artisans, SMEs, talented local designers, and renowned ones, showcasing thousands of culturally-inspired fashion collections. Craftsmen and small business owners in the fashion sector are provided with opportunities and space within the Fashion Village program.

JF3 program empowers craftsmen and small businesses, invigorating the fashion sector and driving economic growth. With a global spotlight, JF3 draws renowned observers, influencers, socials, and media, while perpetually innovating to stay attuned to the cutting-edge trends. JF3 has consistently introduced a medley of innovations and transformations, making its mark on the fashion industry's evolution. Each occasion is meticulously hosted within its own venue, adorned with opulent runway illumination and state-of-the-art sound systems.

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Institut français d’Indonésie, better known as IFI, is a part of the French Embassy in Indonesia. Its role is to promote cultural, educational, academic, linguistic and scientific exchanges between France and Indonesia.It works closely with Indonesian and French organizations. It has branches in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

One of IFI's mission is to support the development of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) by setting up programs to promote creators, accompany exportation or organize professional meetings. PINTU was created within the framework of the common objectives of development and preservation of traditional know-how in the fashion industry, a priority sector for both French and Indonesian governments.